A bit about me

I’ve worked on two sides of the world, now I want to help build a better one because I believe in the power of creativity for good. With 9+ years of experience as an award-winning creative, I can put my mind to any problem. Providing effective solutions with big budgets, small budgets and on a budget, budgets. 

Available for freelance. You lucky devil.   

Co-founder of The Interview Before The Interview

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Nice things, nice people say:

Emma is that rare mix you look for in every creative – sharp, insightful and funny. She also regularly says wildly inappropriate things, works hard and is guaranteed to improve the culture of any department by 174.2%.

I would not hesitate to recommend her.

        - Stuart Alexander (Creative Director)

Emma’s humor, empathy and warmth come across in both her dealings with clients, and in the thoughtful and well-crafted copy for their campaigns. She is a keen collaborator, bringing both openness and energy to the department.

        - Barbara Humphries (Creative Director)

She’s an immensely talented thinker with the ability to deliver her work and ideas with an honesty and authenticity. Emma is an absolute pleasure to be around.

        - Katyana O’Neill (Art Director)